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Goats Milk Fudge

Fudge is made by custom order only. $10 per pound. As of right now I make chocolate, dark chocolate, and peanut butter.

Cajeta (Goats Milk Caramel)

Custom order only. 

Pint jar is $6

Quart jar is $10 

Handcrafted Goats Milk Soap

With dairy goats, you end up with surplus milk. Now I make goats milk soap and will be adding other types of soap as the year progresses. I use the CP method which take 4-6 weeks curing time for a good hard bar. I can sell sooner than that, but your soap will not last as long! If you want a specific scent, contact me and I will verify if I can make it or not and will be happy to assist you. My primary ingredients are coconut oil, olive oil, lard, grapeseed oil, castor oil, goats milk and of course lye. Sometimes I will use palm oil, and when I do, that batch will have it noted beside it. Certain soaps will have cocoa butter, avocado butter, and shea when I can get them. 

 EMail me for a current scent list.

Prices are $2.50 for small bars, $3.00 for medium bars, and $4.50 for large bars. I do discounts when purchasing large quantities. Shipping is $5.80 for the flat rate (3-5 bars, sometimes 6 depending on which bars), otherwise shipping is done by weight.