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Previous Foals

Erins Misty Blue x SMP Little Molly Cracker

2000 DDS Blues Little Thunder- sorrel colt

2001 DDS Blues Little Beauty- silver dapple filly

2003 DDS Misty Rain- black filly (stillborn)


Erins Misty Blue x Owens GCF Strawberry Delight

2001 DDS Caramel Apple Delight- bay filly 10/27 - 2/11/02 

2003 DDS Blues Little Joker- silver dapple colt

2005 DDS Strawberry's Blossom- 7/4 37" silver dapple mare. Owned by Jennifer Julian.

             Blossom placed first at the show!


2007 Foals

Erins Misty Blue x Owens GCF Strawberry Delight

DDS Wildberry Confection-5/26 37" sorrel pinto filly.

For Sale- $800. Can be bred to Jordan's Good As Gold

2008 Foals

Erins Misty Blue x Havenbrooks Dark Star

DDS BlueStar FoxFire- 6/4 sorrel gelding.

2009 Foals

Erins Misty Blue x Owens GCF Strawberry Delight

DDS Blues Silver Fern-3/31 silver dapple filly.

This filly should mature 37" and is on the stocky side. She has some attitude which could get her noticed! She leads, ties, good with her feet, and will be learning about the clippers this spring. Jumper prospect. New photos once she sheds out her winter coat!


Erins Misty Blue x Denali Acres Lakota

DDS Lakota Tiger Lily- 5/4 silver dapple pinto filly.

Very nice and elegant filly. She will stay on the small side and I don't think she will exceed 34". She is a little shy, but warms right up if you love on her.Lily has been to a show and behaved quite nicely. She trailers, clips, leads, ties, bathes, and is good with her feet. She is slightly cowhocked but appears to be growing out of it. 

2010 Foals

Jordan's Good as Gold x Havenbrooks Dark Star

DDS Knight's Dark Melody- 2/4 sorrel colt 

SOLD to Mike, Mikayla, and Misty in Alliance, Ohio! Have fun with your new horse!

Very personable colt with a look at me attitude. Would make an awesome show gelding! Looks to be turning a dark chestnut.

Jordan's Good As Gold x Marlins Saffron- March 18th, 2010

Red dun filly "Bella"

DDS Shez All Dun In Chrome

Bella is a tiny and correct filly, very people oriented and will whinny when she hears people in the barn. She is not for sale at this time.


2011 Foals

DDS Strawberry Blossom  x  Jordan's Good As Gold 

     It's a filly! 4-15-2011, 21.5" tall and a palomino! Congrats Jen!


J and S Fashionable Britt  x  Nostalgia's Keep The Change

April 20, 2011 Black colt "Jett"

DDS Britt's Midnight Star


Havenbrooks Dark Star  x  Can't Fight The Moonlight (possibly in foal for May/June)


2012 breedings:

DDS Strawberry's Blossom  x  Jordan's Good As Gold- black colt 7/5/12

Marlin's Saffron  x  Jordan's Good As Gold- chestnut filly 5/15/12


Havenbrook's Dark Star  x  Jordan's Good As Gold- Chestnut filly with chrome, 4/15/2012


Denali Acres Lakota  x  Can't Fight the Moonlight- silver bay pinto filly 4/30/12


Owens GCF Strawberry Delight  x  Erin's Misty Blue- sorrel pinto colt 6/7/12


DDS Wildberry Confection  x  Jordan's Good As Gold - Palomino Pinto colt, 4/11/2012


Sophie Rae  x  Erin's Misty Blue- 4/16/2012 silver bay colt, DDS Pecos Bill, aka Billy


No 2013 or 2014 Foals

With the market as it is, we have not been breeding the miniatures and have sold most of the mares.