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Shimmer- Does'N'Berry Ironside Shimmer. 2013 doe. Will be bred for 2016 to Nicodemus (ADGA purebred Lamancha). Shimmer kidded 2 doelings in 2015 and has excellent attachments and is milking 1/2 to 3/4 a gallon a milking at peak. 

Marquita- Does'N'Berry Ironside Marquita. 2013 doe. Will be bred for 2016 to Nicodemus. Marki kidded a single doeling in 2015 and has excellent attachments, and is milking over a gallon a day.

Nigerian Dwarfs

Abt Family Farm C Cinnamon. D1670031. 1/23/14 gold and white doe. 

Abt Family Farm Cali. Grade Nigerian Dwarf. tri-color doe.

WildWind Farm CD Fig Newton. (registration pending). 4/25/13 black and white buck. 

Miniature Dairy Goats

DDS No Frills Madelyn. 2013 grade mini lamancha doe. Freshened with twin does 4/22/14 by Newton. Maddie is currently milking 3/4 of a gallon a day.

DDS No Frills Winnifred. 4/22/14 grade mini lamancha (75% Nigerian with elf ears). Newton x Maddie. Winnie is for sale $150.  


Does'N'Berry Avalanche Skye- AS1573310. Sky is a 2011 doe, and was left dry for 2014 and will be bred to Newton for 2015

Does'N'Berry Avalanche Glory- AS1663362. Glory is a 2012 doe and freshened with twin bucklings 4/2/14. She is currently milking over a gallon a day. She will be left dry for 2015

Gypsy- (registered name and number to come). Gypsy is a 2013 doe, left open and will be bred for 2015 to Newton.