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February 2013.

Posted by Mary on February 16, 2013 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow! I'm an annual blogger only, apparently! LOL.Okay... to sum up the last year, 6 foals, my son born in July, and no shows. Crazy hectic, but loads of fun. :) This year now, will hopefully be a different story. I am downsizing my herd as is evident by the FOR SALES beside a number of the mares. Bella, Dancer, and Sapphie (MAYBE Jasmine) will be my only mares here once everyone else is sold. Classy is being gelded this March, Moonie going home yet this month, and any other intact males aside from Bear and Blue are being gelded as well.

I finally purchased a cart and all I need is a show harness. So, if I get my rear in gear, I will have Classy and Bella driving soon. Sapphie should drive to, as she needs to get into shape. Show wise, Bear is the only one I will be showing at an AMHR show. We will be doing fun shows with Bear, Classy, Bella, and maybe Dancer.

It's winter, and aside from doing what needs to be done and taking the show string for walks, we are hibernating.

Lets see when I blog next! :)

February 2012

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Well, halfway through February, 2 months to go until foals start arriving! Sophie and Kody are due first, followed by Sapphie, Taffy, Butters, and last Strawberry (late June). This spring will be spent doing quiet groundwork and maybe some ground driving. No shows, unless I am fit and ready to go by the end of August since I will be having my own baby the end of June. :)

I am excited about the cross to Taffy with Classy as I really liked Abby who is out of Blossom (full sister to Taffy). Kody to Moonie will be pretty neat as well. I'm expecting color from those two. The rest are crosses that have been made before, aside from Sophie and Blue. Maybe get color with that cross too, not knowing what pattern Sophie is other than roan. All foals will be for sale this year unless I get a match to Bella (red dun).

Since I suck at updates, it might be months before another. LOL

I suck at blogging!

Posted by Mary on September 28, 2011 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

So the summer was busier than usual. Got a lot done, but nothing that needed to be done, like patching the barn roof, getting new paddocks done for the minis, and building the much needed stalls. Hopefully all that will be done before the snow flies. We have pretty much everything needed (except fence) to get a good start, just need the manpower. Went to 2 shows this summer and had fun. Took Classy, Bella, Britt, and Jack to both shows, and had Fern and Abby for the August show. It's quite a chore getting 6 horses prepped! Classy did so well for me this year that I am looking forward to next year! I only plan on showing 3, maybe 4 horses next year as I have personal plans that come first.Classy, Bella, Britt, and hopefully Jack. Fern will be shown by my friend.

Now that it is fall, I will be concentrating on getting Classy broke to drive as well as Moonie. Britt will be started with ground driving and next spring the cart (if I have one). Have a few babies coming in the spring so it will be a busy one! :)

Blossom had a filly!

Posted by Mary on April 16, 2011 at 11:48 AM Comments comments (0)

Abby is a palomino filly, 21.5" tall and sweet as can be. Jen is tickled with her new addition and so am I as it gives me a small clue to what I can expect by crossing Fern to Classy! Blossom is a great mom especially for her first baby. :)  Britt is still hanging in there... won't be long though!

February Update

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So, here it is the end of February and the weather has been wretched so not much done training the horses. I hopefully will have the few horses ready to show by May 14/15 as that is the AMHR show at the Portage County fairgrounds.  Even if I only make it to that AMHR show, I will be happy. This way I get a taste of showing at breed level. I keep changing my mind on who I am showing this year, but still plan on showing Classy and Bella. I have added Taffy to the lineup and maybe Fern. I'd like to show Fern and Blossom in the get of Sire class, and Fern, Taffy, and Blossom in produce of dam. I'll do photos this spring of all three together. :)

I have added a mare to the herd! I know, I needed another mini like I needed another hole in my head but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add new blood and when I saw her pictures I was like Oh! A match for Sapphie! Britt is bred to Nostalgias Keep the Change (Nostalgias Show Me The Money  x  CVF Magic Design) who is a World Top Ten and Futurity horse. Watch for more news on Britt!

Time to motivate!

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It's January! For some, it's time to start welcoming foals into the world, start gearing up for training, and for the rest it's time to start longing for more daylight and warmer weather! I'm aiming for shows in April and May for sure, so need to get going on Classy, Bella, Butters, and Sapphie. I am not all sure who I want to show this year other than Classy and Bella, so I will have to see who is coming along the best. Speaking of Classy, the little bugger is learning to keep his brain in between his ears! Worked him on the lunge line first to get his energy level down and his mind focused on me. Then, I worked him in hand alongside the big horses, Dandy and Blossom, then beside the mares paddock. Not one peep out of him though he looked and really wanted to scream his arrival. Got him to set up and he even stretched for me! I've been having a heck of a time getting him to stretch so of course I was happy! Next, I harnessed him and started ground driving outside of the roundpen. A big change for him as he wasn't used to me being behind him completely with the shorter driving lines. We got tangled up a time or two as he kept turning to face me, but once he got the idea he did pretty good. He walks rather like a drunken monkey (what is a straight line anyway?), but is really getting the idea for steering. He trots, comes back down to a walk, woahs, backs, and is learning to make circles in both directions. Won't be long and he'll be pulling a cart! Patriot and I have made a lot of progress in the round pen and a lot of the work we do is completely at liberty. Jennifer will be starting him under saddle very soon and I am sure she will be enjoying him for the length of the lease.

I know I need to sell some horses but it's so hard to decide who really needs to go. Rosie is a sweet filly, the right height for me, and would make a great contest or endurance horse. Then there is Velvet the moose in disguise! She will be one tall mare when she is done growing and whoever rides her will need a cherry picker to get on her! LOL I'm sure if the right buyers come along I will sell. I am selling my Shadow to Heather in TX as I know I will never do anything with her when she comes home, that and I only had her for 8 months of her life and Heather has had her since and she was born in 2006! So whose baby is she really?

I am on the hunt for a loud Appaloosa patterned mini mare or stallion (prefer mare), reasonably priced or willing to trade for one of my fillies (minis)... blanket with spots, leopard, huge snowcap, or a fewspot. If an older horse I need to see baby photos to determine the true coat pattern. I know my patterns having bred Appaloosas for 14 years, so definitely prefer baby photos!


Posted by Mary on October 18, 2010 at 10:13 PM Comments comments (0)

okay, so apparently I don't keep up on the blog. Went to the show at the county fair this year with Classy, Bella, Blossom, and Lily. Classy was a total moron! He was doing so well at home, no screaming, was setting up and paying attention no matter where I worked him. He completely lost it once off the trailer and screamed the whole entire time we were there. I still took him into his classes as he needed the experience. I still don't see how he was the only entry in the B size Sr stallion class as I KNOW there were a few stallions that were taller than him! Oh well, he got a blue ribbon by default. LOL  He took 6th in color out of 13 entries even though he still was yelling and carrying on like a randy old billy goat. Such is the life of a young stallion. Bella placed 3rd in her halter class, didn't place in color nor in pretty face at this show. Lily didn't place in her halter class but she did rather resemble a llama in her gawky growth spurt. Blossom took 1st in her halter class! She may not be mine, but I am still proud of her! The next show we went to was in Wellington. I left Classy at home! Took Bella and Blossom, Lily rode along as company for Bella. Neither Bella nor Blossom placed in their halter classes (Bella I understand as she went through a growth and got ribby on my, plus was against yearlings and two yr olds!) but Blossom should have placed in her class. Bella did however place 2nd in Pretty Face against 32 other entries. :) Always said she had the prettiest face!

No babies due next year out of my mares. With the market as it is, and my finances where they are, breeding is not even in the equation. I am instead focusing on training what I have here, and showing Classy, Bella, Taffy, Fern, Sapphie, and Butters. Moonie has been started in driving, and Classy just started ground driving this past week. Classy is definitely being shown in driving next year! Not quite sure if Moonie will ever get to a show as he is just looking to be a pleasure horse. I'm not seeing the action and pizzazz needed in the show ring but he may surprise me! I also need to get one of the mares quiet enough for Lexi to show in Peewee halter and to ride in leadline. Butters may do for halter, Sapphie for leadline. Time will tell!

Strawberry's heaves are to the point where her environment is no longer controlling the symptoms and it's time for alternative treatments. Financially I cant afford it so have decided to offer her free to a good home that can afford her treatment. I don't typically pawn horses off on others but I feel that Strawberry still has many years left with medical treatment and with my setup at the barn I can't even set up an area that would benefit her needs. I am trying to downsize as it is due to the financial constraints. 

Robin has been sold and left for his new home the other day. He has settled right in and is teaching his new owners all about horses! I think he will be one spoiled mini!

I am almost done with school. I have 2 weeks left of my current class, then 4 more classes left until I graduate. WOuld have been 3, but I was just informed I need one more elective so added Childrens Literature. Awesome!

It's a filly!

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After 6 nights in the barn, Butters decided to sneak in her baby while I was at work on March 18th.  It's a red dun filly that may possibly go dunalino, but the vote seems to be red dun. She has a lot of chrome, too! I call her Bella, and her registered name will be DDS Shez All Dun In Chrome. Sweet little baby who should stay relatively small. That is all the babies for the year, so now it's time to catch up on spring cleaning and conditioning the ones I hope to get to shows this year:


Classy, Taffy, Lily, and Bella (weanling class at the county fair if they hold the Mini show). If I can get Sapphie and Butters in condition, I hope to take them to a show. That is the plan, but finances dictate what happens. Classy will get out there if anyone will, though!


I am creating a sales page finally. I need to get some of my big guys moved!



It's a boy!

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Sapphie snuck Robin in, Thursday Feb. 4, in between blinks. I had just checked her, stretched out for a bit and I blinked. Robin is a bright red sorrel colt with quite the personality. When he sheds out his foal coat, I expect he'll be a liver chestnut, though I could be wrong.  Last bright red foal I had turned a deep liver when she shed. We'll know later this year!


I worked with Lily and Fern a bit this evening, and Lily decided that I don't bite and it's okay to let me pick up her feet and put them where I want them. Fern could care less as long as she is eating. It will be interesting deciding which one to show.


Butters is progressing again, so looks like March should be it. Hopefully it will be warmer waiting for this baby. I can't handle anymore single digit nights!  Brrrr.