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Posted by Mary on January 3, 2011 at 10:46 PM

It's January! For some, it's time to start welcoming foals into the world, start gearing up for training, and for the rest it's time to start longing for more daylight and warmer weather! I'm aiming for shows in April and May for sure, so need to get going on Classy, Bella, Butters, and Sapphie. I am not all sure who I want to show this year other than Classy and Bella, so I will have to see who is coming along the best. Speaking of Classy, the little bugger is learning to keep his brain in between his ears! Worked him on the lunge line first to get his energy level down and his mind focused on me. Then, I worked him in hand alongside the big horses, Dandy and Blossom, then beside the mares paddock. Not one peep out of him though he looked and really wanted to scream his arrival. Got him to set up and he even stretched for me! I've been having a heck of a time getting him to stretch so of course I was happy! Next, I harnessed him and started ground driving outside of the roundpen. A big change for him as he wasn't used to me being behind him completely with the shorter driving lines. We got tangled up a time or two as he kept turning to face me, but once he got the idea he did pretty good. He walks rather like a drunken monkey (what is a straight line anyway?), but is really getting the idea for steering. He trots, comes back down to a walk, woahs, backs, and is learning to make circles in both directions. Won't be long and he'll be pulling a cart! Patriot and I have made a lot of progress in the round pen and a lot of the work we do is completely at liberty. Jennifer will be starting him under saddle very soon and I am sure she will be enjoying him for the length of the lease.

I know I need to sell some horses but it's so hard to decide who really needs to go. Rosie is a sweet filly, the right height for me, and would make a great contest or endurance horse. Then there is Velvet the moose in disguise! She will be one tall mare when she is done growing and whoever rides her will need a cherry picker to get on her! LOL I'm sure if the right buyers come along I will sell. I am selling my Shadow to Heather in TX as I know I will never do anything with her when she comes home, that and I only had her for 8 months of her life and Heather has had her since and she was born in 2006! So whose baby is she really?

I am on the hunt for a loud Appaloosa patterned mini mare or stallion (prefer mare), reasonably priced or willing to trade for one of my fillies (minis)... blanket with spots, leopard, huge snowcap, or a fewspot. If an older horse I need to see baby photos to determine the true coat pattern. I know my patterns having bred Appaloosas for 14 years, so definitely prefer baby photos!

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