Posted by Mary on October 18, 2010 at 10:13 PM

okay, so apparently I don't keep up on the blog. Went to the show at the county fair this year with Classy, Bella, Blossom, and Lily. Classy was a total moron! He was doing so well at home, no screaming, was setting up and paying attention no matter where I worked him. He completely lost it once off the trailer and screamed the whole entire time we were there. I still took him into his classes as he needed the experience. I still don't see how he was the only entry in the B size Sr stallion class as I KNOW there were a few stallions that were taller than him! Oh well, he got a blue ribbon by default. LOL  He took 6th in color out of 13 entries even though he still was yelling and carrying on like a randy old billy goat. Such is the life of a young stallion. Bella placed 3rd in her halter class, didn't place in color nor in pretty face at this show. Lily didn't place in her halter class but she did rather resemble a llama in her gawky growth spurt. Blossom took 1st in her halter class! She may not be mine, but I am still proud of her! The next show we went to was in Wellington. I left Classy at home! Took Bella and Blossom, Lily rode along as company for Bella. Neither Bella nor Blossom placed in their halter classes (Bella I understand as she went through a growth and got ribby on my, plus was against yearlings and two yr olds!) but Blossom should have placed in her class. Bella did however place 2nd in Pretty Face against 32 other entries. :) Always said she had the prettiest face!

No babies due next year out of my mares. With the market as it is, and my finances where they are, breeding is not even in the equation. I am instead focusing on training what I have here, and showing Classy, Bella, Taffy, Fern, Sapphie, and Butters. Moonie has been started in driving, and Classy just started ground driving this past week. Classy is definitely being shown in driving next year! Not quite sure if Moonie will ever get to a show as he is just looking to be a pleasure horse. I'm not seeing the action and pizzazz needed in the show ring but he may surprise me! I also need to get one of the mares quiet enough for Lexi to show in Peewee halter and to ride in leadline. Butters may do for halter, Sapphie for leadline. Time will tell!

Strawberry's heaves are to the point where her environment is no longer controlling the symptoms and it's time for alternative treatments. Financially I cant afford it so have decided to offer her free to a good home that can afford her treatment. I don't typically pawn horses off on others but I feel that Strawberry still has many years left with medical treatment and with my setup at the barn I can't even set up an area that would benefit her needs. I am trying to downsize as it is due to the financial constraints. 

Robin has been sold and left for his new home the other day. He has settled right in and is teaching his new owners all about horses! I think he will be one spoiled mini!

I am almost done with school. I have 2 weeks left of my current class, then 4 more classes left until I graduate. WOuld have been 3, but I was just informed I need one more elective so added Childrens Literature. Awesome!

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